Benefits of Talon®

Talon® is a thermoplastic methacrylate that is best thought of as retention for conventional, hard inter-occlusal dental appliances. Talon® loses rigidity at mouth temperature to engage a wide range of undercut depths providing predictable, comfortable retention.

Talon® is ideal for retaining splints, night guards, mandibular repositioning appliances for the management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea, and others.

Advantages of Talon®

Talon® provides numerous benefits for: Patients, Dentists, and Dental Laboratories.
Incorporated in 1990, Comfort Acrylics, Inc. provides its products to dentists and dental laboratories internationally. Talon®, is the registered trademark for a material that is unique in the dental industry.

Talon® is a premixed, thermoplastic acrylic elastomer that forms the retention for conventional, hard inter-occlusal dental appliances. These appliances are used for the management of temporo-mandibular dysfunction (TMD), bruxism (abnormal, subconscious grinding of teeth), myofascial pain dysfunction syndromes (chronic headaches related to facial muscle disharmony), sleep disordered breathing (snoring and sleep apnea) and a variety of other prosthetic and functional orthodontic appliances.

With properties of thermoplasticity and resilience at body temperature, Talon® provides the ideal means for retaining these dental appliances to the teeth. Since Talon® is a methacrylate, its bond to conventional dental methyl-methacrylate is inseparable and its adjustability and high polish feature are ideal. Talon® is the only thermoplastic acrylic for dental use that has no leachable chemical plasticizers to provide its thermoplasticity. The toxicological literature clearly indicates effects in animal studies at both the cellular, tissue and organ levels when such plasticizers are studied.

Advantages for the PATIENT

  • The most comfortable appliance made.
  • Kindness to teeth, mouth and existing dental restorations.
  • Significant reduction of orthodontic pressures on the teeth.
  • No exposure to leachable plasticizing chemicals.
  • No wire clasping or extension of appliance unto periodontium.

Advantages for the DENTIST

  • Virtual elimination of case remakes.
  • Enhanced patient compliance yields greater treatment success rate.
  • Enhanced professional image.
  • Greater office efficiency and productivity.
  • Dependably accurate placement of the appliance by staff.
  • Limited frustration

Advantages for the LABORATORY

  • Virtual elimination of case remakes.
  • Increased profitability

Elimination of:

  • Survey / undercut block out
  • Model duplication
  • Wire clasping
  • Enhanced entre to new dental accounts.
  • Ideal mail order appliance.
  • Cooperative marketing available from Comfort Acrylics, Inc.

Talon® Techniques

A complete technique video showing all Talon® techniques, including lamination accompanies each start-up kit of Talon®.

Please contact us via e-mail to learn how you can evaluate this appliance clinically without risk. The dental laboratory division of Comfort Acrylics, Inc. will gladly provide an appliance fabricated to your specifications. You will never struggle with the fit of splints again!