Any dentist providing intra-oral orthotics for cranio-facial pain management, controlling the damaging effects of nocturnal bruxism, preventing parafunctional damage to intra-oral tissues or managing the devastating effects of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea should consider Comfort Acrylics, Inc. for their laboratory services.

Why Comfort Acrylics Inc.?

  • Comfort Acrylics Dental Laboratory Division has provided appliances throughout America since 1988.
  • Comfort Acrylics has been an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer since 1995.
  • Comfort Acrylics has provided Mandibular Re-positioning Devices for over twenty years, since the very beginnings of the field of dental sleep medicine.
  • Richard W. Moore, DDS, ABDSM one of our founders, is available to our customers for consultation on clinical and technical issues associated with any aspects of managing snoring and obstructive sleep apnea. See his Curriculum Vitae. It is in the purview of the dentists to reduce or eliminate risks to health and longevity from sleep disordered breathing.
  • Comfort Acrylics is the originator and developer of TALON®. This intrinsic, mildly thermo-active polymer bonds perfectly to methyl methacrylate occlusal surfaces, forming the ideal comfort and accurate fit, that so obviously enhance compliance and treatment outcomes.
  • Comfort Acrylics will provide introductory pricing to reward new accounts evaluation of this great
  • With each Mandibular Advancement Device, Comfort Acrylics will provide for you a simple instrument for the patients’ use that if used, will dramatically reduce the incidence of significant bite change and associated liability risk.


  • At body temperature, Talon® engages a wide range of dental undercuts, thereby better controlling the optimum in both retention and comfort.
  • 25 years and over a million Talon retained appliances throughout the United States, Canada and Australia attest to the safety and reliability of this polymer.
  • Time is money. An adjustment free delivery is virtually assured.