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For the past 25 years, Comfort Acrylics Inc. has been a leader in research and development of oral appliances for the management of obstructive sleep apnea and cranio-mandibular disorder. Comfort Acrylics Inc. provides quality, specialized appliances such as the TAP® to dentists throughout the United States.

As the originator and developer of Talon®, a thermo-plastic acrylic, Comfort Acrylics, Inc. helps dental laboratories and dentists in the United States, Canada and Australia relieve pain, and prevent tooth destruction by providing the most comfortable, reliable, user friendly splints, night guards and TMD appliances made.

Dr. Richard Moore

Dr. Richard Moore

Owner-Dental Director


Dr. Richard W. Moore – DDS ABDSM, a general dentist from Vancouver, Washington is a 1977 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Moore has lectured widely throughout North America since 1993, on the topic of dentistry’s role in the management of the airway. An early member, he was elected to a three-year term (1996-1999) on the board of directors of the (ADSM) Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (www.dentalsleepmed.org)



Carl Gilbert

Carl Gilbert

Chief Operations Officer


Carl has been directing operations for Comfort Acrylics, Inc. since 1998. As the Manufacturer’s Representative to the FDA, Carl has been responsible for the Quality Assurance System and all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices Act regulations and all requirements of Health Canada for similar regulatory mandates. Carl conducts annual internal audits of our Quality Management System and oversees all customer contacts regarding the technical aspects of this remarkable product. Carl is responsible for the quality of appliances fabricated by the Laboratory Division of Comfort Acrylics, Inc.



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