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Sleep Apnea Treatment DevicesSleep Apnea Treatment Devices

Originator & Developer of Talon®

a thermoplastic methacrylate

Talon® provides numerous benefits for:
Patients, Dentists, and Dental Laboratories.

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Since 1990, Comfort Acrylics, Inc. has played an important role in the development of appliances, materials and techniques for the management of obstructive sleep apnea and cranio-mandibular disorders. Our services and innovations include:

  • Continuing Dental Education
  • Specialized appliances for mandibular repositioning for dentists throughout the United States
  • The provision of TALON® thermoplastic elastomer to dental laboratories throughout North America and Australia.
  • Clinical and technical support and guidance to dentists for the management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Cranio-mandibular disorders.

Comfort Acrylics Inc. is ISO certified and has been an FDA registered medical device manufacturer since 1995. Comfort Acrylics, Inc. is in full compliance will all provisions of Part 820 of the Federal Code regulating Quality Assurance for Medical Device Manufacturing.

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What is Talon®?

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So what will Comfort Acrylics Inc. do to help your lab get started providing Talon® retained inter-occlusal appliances?


Sleep Apnea Treatment Devices

  • We have been using the Talon appliance for the last 6+ years and find them to be the easiest to fit, most comfortable occlusal appliances we have ever used. The patient satisfaction is very high!

    Dr. Richard Colton
    Dr. Richard Colton
    Sumner, Washington
  • The Talon appliance has been an excellent aid in the control of harmful bruxism and has been very easy to place and adjust.

    Dr. Richard Parrott
    Dr. Richard Parrott
    Bakersfield, California
  • I have prescribed Talon retained MORAs confidently for years, not only for the great fit, patient compliance, reliability and absence of frustration, but also because Comfort Acrylics, Inc. came up with a way of avoiding leachable plasticizers. I treat chronic CMD patients, many of whom suffer multiple chemical sensitivities. I endorse Talon without reservation.

    Art Parker, DMD
    Art Parker, DMD
    Portland, Oregon
  • My patients find the Talon appliance comfortable compared to other appliances.

    Dr. Lisa Gittleson
    Dr. Lisa Gittleson
    Keizer, Oregon